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PuigChild® Hardware Compressor


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The Recreation of a Modern Classic: Jack Joseph Puig and Waves Audio Introduce the PuigChild® Hardware Compressor

— The PuigChild® hardware faithfully captures the sound and feel of the original, highly-sought-after Fairchild 670 —

— The PuigChild Hardware Compressor is now available for recording studio, post production and live performance settings —

WINTER NAMM SHOW, ANAHEIM, CA, January 19, 2012 — Among audio professionals, the Fairchild 670 is the definitive compressor because of its unique color and character, and it is highly coveted due to its rarity. Now, GRAMMY®-winning producer/engineer/mixer Jack Joseph Puig (John Mayer, U2, Lady Gaga) has again joined forces with Waves Audio (Booth 6242/Hall A), the industry-leading developer of professional audio digital signal processing technologies to introduce the PuigChild® Hardware Compressor. Modeled on a rare, pristine-condition Fairchild 670 from Puig’s personal collection, the PuigChild captures every distinctive nuance of the original, along with its advanced compression techniques and incomparable sound – achieving every detail of its rich harmonic complexity and functionality.

Jack Joseph Puig stated, “The PuigChild Compressor truly captures the vibe of the original, and as a piece of hardware, it allows us to have the same tactile experience, with the same unique sound. It’s like a dream come true.”

When Waves set out to model the Fairchild, they turned to Puig, who granted Waves exclusive access to his finest unit. Puig worked closely with Waves Research and Development group for over two years, through every phase of the development process, making sure they captured every nuance of its distinctive harmonic complexity and feel of its controls. Manufactured with the same impeccable standards and attention to detail that Waves products are known for, the PuigChild is a remarkable engineering achievement that truly represents the best of the best.

Featuring dual mono, linked and lateral vertical stereo modes, 16/24-bit digital I/O and outstanding AD/DA converters, housed in a rugged 2U, 19-inch rack unit, the PuigChild is a world-class compressor, in the studio or on the road.

Legendary Fairchild sound in a road-ready hardware unit
Dual mono, linked and lateral vertical stereo modes
State-of-the-art 24-bit converters
Analog and digital connectors for all popular formats
125 dB dynamic range
Switchable sampling rates up to 96 kHz

Waves PuigChild is now available at a U.S. MSRP of $3,680.00. For more information, please visit www.waves.com.

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About the Fairchild 670
Throughout the vinyl era, the original Fairchild 670 compressor was ubiquitous, from the recording studio to the record lathe. With fewer than 100 units ever made, original Fairchilds routinely go for tens of thousands of dollars on the vintage market. With 20 vacuum tubes and 4 hand-wired transformers in a hefty 6 rack-space chassis, these hard-to-find units weigh in at a robust 65 lbs. Both the stereo 670 and its mono counterpart the Fairchild 660 use single push-pull amplification stages with extremely high control voltages. Both variable-mu limiters are unique in that they use tubes for gain reduction as well as amplification. Compression takes place directly in the audio path, rather than being routed to a separate circuit.

About Jack Joseph Puig
Jack Joseph Puig has helped redefine the role of the producer and mixing engineer in modern music. He marries vintage hardware and cutting edge software to create complex aural tapestries that capture and transcend the recording artists' vision. JJP has worked with countless hitmakers, including Sheryl Crow, Lady Gaga, Fergie, Weezer, John Mayer, No Doubt, Sugarland, The Rolling Stones, U2 and many more.

About Waves Ltd.:
From its start in the early '90s with the introduction of the Q10 equalizer plugin, Waves, a leading provider of audio DSP solutions for professional, broadcast, and consumer electronics audio markets, has gone on to develop a comprehensive line of over 100 audio plugins including industry standards like the L1 and L2 Ultramaximizers, popular vintage console models, and innovative mixing tools like Vocal Rider and the Artist Signature Series. For its accomplishments, in 2011 Waves received a Technical GRAMMY®, and the Q10 was selected as an inductee into the TECnology Hall of Fame. Waves technologies are now used to improve sound quality in virtually every sector of the audio market, from recording, mixing, mastering and post production to broadcast, live sound, and consumer electronics. Waves has over 15 years of expertise in the development of psycho-acoustic signal processing algorithms that leverage knowledge on the human perception of hearing to radically improve perceived sound quality. Waves’ award-winning processors are utilized to improve sound quality in the creation of hit records, major motion pictures, and popular video games worldwide. Waves offers computer software solutions, as well as hardware-plus-software solutions, for the professional and broadcast markets. Under its Maxx brand, Waves offers semiconductor and licensable algorithms for consumer electronics applications. Waves’ Maxx technologies dramatically enhance audio performance and are used by industry leaders such as Dell, Sony, Sanyo, JVC, Toshiba, and many others. For more information, visit the Waves web site at http://www.waves.com.

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Waves Audio is exhibiting at Booth 6242 (Hall A) at the 2012 Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA.



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