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— Waves’ new tools for live sound find a home on concert stages around the world —

— Coldplay uses Live Bundle on tour and at Brit Awards; Pooch Van Druten is set to use Waves Live on upcoming Guns N’ Roses tour; Danny Evans mixes Elbow live with Waves plug-ins; Music Mix Mobile relies on Waves for performance at the White House; prominent A/V contractor Clair Brothers uses Waves Live Bundle, SSL 4000 for Live and MaxxBCL; and more —

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, March 18, 2009 — Following closely on the heels of the announcement in January of the formation of its Live Division (www.waveslive.com), Waves Audio, a world leader in DSP solutions, is quickly becoming the standard-bearer for live audio processing applications and the choice of top touring/live artists, Front-of-House (FOH), Monitor and Live Sound/Recording/Live Broadcast engineers. With over 15 years of experience creating hardware and software tools that have become a staple of the modern recording studio, additionally Waves has consistently been an integral presence in the live signal path, and with the founding of a distinct, dedicated live branch, Waves is now offering formalized, focused efforts for the live sound industry, and industry experts are continuing to hold Waves high as an indispensable live tool.

Waves’ history in the live sound market is rich and diverse. MaxxBCL was the first Waves product to successfully help deliver the most rich bass, powerful brickwall limiting and improved sound resolution image out of PA systems including Line Arrays, and since its introduction over three years ago, it has been used by leading sound companies, improving sound in prominent tours, top live venues and places of worship around the world. Also, since its release in November 2006, Waves Live Bundle has become one of the most valued processor packages to accompany Digidesign®’s Venue consoles. Prominent Pennsylvania-based A/V contractor Clair Brothers owns and uses Waves Live Bundle, SSL 4000 for Live and MaxxBCL for high-profile concerts. Many of the world’s top FOH engineers – “Big Mick” Hughes (Metallica, Led Zeppelin), Ken “Pooch” Van Druten (Linkin Park, System of a Down, Guns N’ Roses), Phil Strong (Kanye West), Cirque du Soleil’s Jonathan Deans and Leon Rothenberg, to name a few – currently use Waves processing in all sectors.

The Waves Live Bundle is increasingly used by such leading FOH engineers as Daniel Green (Coldplay), Dave Wooster (Gary Moore, Capitol Sound), Danny Evans (Elbow) and Daniel Duarte-Gonzales (Phil Wickham), among others. Other notable individuals, such as Greg Looper (system engineer for Van Halen, Tom Petty, John Mellencamp and others), have utilized Waves’ D-Show Enabler for high-profile shows. Waves’ MaxxBCL has a similarly vocal pool of support, including Gerard Albo (mix engineer for Amy Winehouse) and Nigel Paul (FOH engineer for such acts as Steve Vai, Avenged Sevenfold, Megadeth and Cheap Trick).

Another group of prominent Waves users can be found in Music Mix Mobile. Established by industry veterans John Harris, Jay Vicari, Mitch Maketansky and Joel Singer, Music Mix Mobile is a full-service remote recording company that is employed for some of the most high-profile remote recordings. Recently Music Mix Mobile was contracted to record and mix the “In Performance at the White House” series. The segment aired on PBS stations as “Stevie Wonder In Performance at the White House: The Library of Congress Gershwin Prize.” Music Mix Mobile is employing a wide range of Waves signal processing hardware and software for its live and studio recording services. “I’ve been using Waves products since they first came on the market 15 years ago,” stated Music Mix Mobile Technical Engineer Joel Singer. “We’re big fans of the Renaissance, V-Series and API plug-ins. There is nothing better out there for vocals than the V-Series bundle. It just ‘warms’ up any track and we use it on almost every gig we do.”

Alex Hadjigeorgiou, of U.K.-based Wigwam Acoustics Ltd., has noted an emerging Waves trend among live music professionals: “Within my capacity as technical specialist at Wigwam Acoustics, I have been responsible for preparing a large number of Digidesign D-Show systems before they leave for world tours. I have come across Waves Live plug-ins a number of times. They appear to be the high-end plug-in of choice for a number of the top engineers. I know of at least four world stadium tours that are currently utilizing the Live bundle.”

Daniel Green treats Waves Live as an absolutely essential part of the signal path in his position as FOH engineer for Colplay. In fact, the band’s grueling schedule has been made easier with Waves Live. Wigwam Acoustics was contracted with preparing consoles for a few recent one-off Coldplay appearances in the U.K. in the midst of the band’s world tour. Hadjigeorgiou noted: “We had to replicate the systems for Coldplay’s performances at the Brit Awards show and the Warchild charity gig that they did right after. We put the Waves Live Bundle on all of their consoles, and the Waves guys helped us duplicate the plug-in setup so that when the band and crew flew in from Japan, all the systems, along with all plug-ins were already loaded and tested in the console. Due to the nature of the show, a lot of the normal outboard was not included; in fact, the only processing that was a must-have for the gig was the Waves Live Bundle. This speaks volumes as to the importance that engineers now place on such processing.”

With the Waves Live Division, Waves continues to introduce new software for live sound, with an in-depth focus on innovative, market-driven product. The advantages of Waves Live tools are plentiful: with Waves, live engineers now have access to the same award-winning plug-ins heard on hit records, major motion pictures, and popular video games the world over. From equalizers, channel strips and reverbs, to effects, compressors and limiters, artists are now able to take their exact same Waves studio settings into a live performance environment. As part of the new Division’s product initiatives, over 50 of Waves’ most popular plug-ins are now compatible with Digidesign’s D-Show platform, using the new Waves D-Show Enabler. Award-winning Waves TDM plug-in bundles like the SSL 4000 Collection, V-Series, The API Collection, MaxxVolume, and more are now available for use in live sound.

For more information, please visit www.waveslive.com or www.waves.com.

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