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— Waves continues to support loyal customers with free plug-ins
as part of the Waves Update Plan —

KNOXVILLE, TN, November 17, 2005 — Waves Ltd., the leading manufacturer of audio DSP processing and plug-ins, has begun shipping its new Vocal Bundle featuring recently released Tune and DeBreath plug-ins for unprecedented pitch correction/transposition and breath sound removal. This new comprehensive toolset offers the latest Waves technology, along with the classic Renaissance Channel, Renaissance DeEsser and Doubler plug-ins, for world class vocal track production. Owners of selected plug-in bundles covered by the Waves Update Plan will receive the new Tune LT plug-in for free, which offers nearly all of the same groundbreaking features of the standard version.

Gilad Keren, CEO of Waves Ltd., commented on the release of Tune LT for Waves Update Plan subscribers: “We want to make sure our update plan offers real value to our most loyal customers, which is why we provide our plan subscribers with our newest, most advanced products. An example is last year’s release of the L3 Multimaximizer and L3 Ultramaximizer, which was given free to subscribers who owned selected bundles—and which went on to win this year’s prestigious Technical Excellence & Creativity (TEC) Award for outstanding signal processing software. With Tune LT, we’re again offering subscribers our latest and greatest for free.”

Tune contains everything needed for powerful pitch correction and melody transformation, while maintaining Waves’ superior sound and familiar user-friendly interface. Features include surgical editing tools, formant correction, and MIDI export for even more creative possibilities.

Unlike other solutions, Tune gives users control without being bound to a limited playback section, allowing users to audition changes with music at any time. Tune is powered by ReWire, a technology of Propellerhead Software, so users always have direct control and sync with the host system.

DeBreath offers users a unique process for separating and removing unwanted breath sounds from vocal tracks, while maintaining a transparent response tailored to vocals that is often lacking in other technologies used for this application.

Tune is available for $600 (MSRP), DeBreath is available for $350 (MSRP), and the Vocal Bundle is available for $1,000 (MSRP); all are in Native format and require the use of an iLok. Registered users of the Waves Update Plan who own eligible bundles will receive Tune LT at no charge. An upgrade to the full version of Tune is offered for $300.

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About Waves Ltd.:
Waves is a leading provider of audio DSP solutions for professional, broadcast, and consumer electronics audio markets. Waves has ten years of expertise in the development of psycho-acoustic signal processing algorithms that leverage knowledge on the human perception of hearing to radically improve perceived sound quality. Waves’ award-winning processors are utilized to improve sound quality in the creation of the world’s most popular music, movie soundtracks, and multimedia titles. Waves offers computer software solutions and hardware plus software solutions for the professional and broadcast markets. Waves also offers semiconductor with embedded software solutions under the Maxx brand for the consumer electronics audio applications. Waves’ Maxx technology dramatically enhances audio performance in consumer applications and has been licensed to several leading companies, including Motorola and Microsoft. For more information, visit the Waves web site at http://www.waves.com.

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