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Waves Scheps Omni Channel 2 plugin is a new, expanded version of the popular Scheps Omni Channel strip


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Waves Now Shipping the Scheps Omni Channel 2 Plugin

— The perfect channel strip: EXPANDED

Knoxville, TN, July 17, 2023Waves Audio, the world’s leading developer of professional audio signal processing technologies and plugins, is now shipping the Scheps Omni Channel 2 plugin—a new, expanded version of the popular Scheps Omni Channel strip, designed with GRAMMY®-winning mixer Andrew Scheps (Jay Z, Adele, Metallica, Low Roar), with an array of exciting new features added.

“The original Scheps Omni Channel plugin was my dream for a plugin,” Andrew says. “Everything I like to use in every mix – all my favorite saturation flavors, EQ, and compression/dynamics options – all in one window.”

“Now, after using the original Omni for several years as my primary mixing tool, I wanted to add even more options that I use on a regular basis,” he adds. “We’ve now expanded the plugin, to really push the envelope on what you can do with it, and add even more versatile sound design options.”

Scheps Omni Channel 2 adds the following new features:

  • New CRUSH mode: a fourth preamp saturation flavor, which can be driven to aggressive distortion beyond anything the Omni had before.
  • New 24dB-per-octave filter, with serious resonance: Great for real sound design applications (filter sweeps etc.) as opposed to just a utility.
  • New SOFT-KNEE compressor: a fourth compression type, SOFT, adding unique soft-knee compression to the Omni’s VCA, FET, and OPT compressors.
  • Add any non-Waves VST3 to the Insert point: We’ve added the ability to add non-Waves VST3 plugins to the Omni's Insert point – allowing you to add any VST3 (reverbs, delays, other compressors by other manufacturers – anything) to the Omni chain.
  • New “Focus” presets prepared by Andrew, which focus you on which controls you may want to tweak next, in order to adjust the Omni presets to your music.

“With these new additions,” Andrew says, “the Omni Channel 2 moves further into the realm of creative sound design. It’s a channel strip that gives you everything you need – all the classic functionality plus a new suite of tools for some seriously creative effects.”

Scheps Omni Channel 2 is Andrew Scheps’ concept of the perfect channel strip. It combines the efficient design and cohesive sound of classic channel strips, with the diverse sonic color and flexible sound-shaping possibilities available only in digital. This plugin gives you Andrew’s time-tested combinations of compression, EQ, and saturation tones, allowing you to mix and match diverse preamp saturation colors, de-essing, gating options and much more – all combining to deliver a cohesive analog channel strip sound, thanks to Andrew’s careful design.

Now, with new features added, Scheps Omni Channel 2 is even more versatile than ever before, giving users limitless creative sound possibilities that draw upon Andrew Scheps’ extensive experience as a multi-GRAMMY®-winning mix engineer. 

To learn more about Waves Scheps Omni Channel 2, click here.   


Introducing Scheps Omni Channel 2 – The Perfect Channel Strip, EXPANDED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRkZnT3QnM4

Scheps Omni Channel 2 – Tutorial with Andrew Scheps:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MkAB1yEfHA

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Photo file 1: Scheps_OmniChannel2.JPG
Photo caption 1: Waves Scheps Omni Channel 2 plugin is a new, expanded version of the popular Scheps Omni Channel strip

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