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— Maserati GRP Group Processor, Insert/Send mode for plugins, and dozens of new presets greatly enhance the power of this popular Waves Signature Series collection —

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, September 8, 2010 Waves Audio announces major enhancements to its popular Tony Maserati Artist Signature Collection with a new plugin, features and presets. As with the original version of the Collection, the new features have been developed and custom-engineered by Waves and Tony Maserati, a GRAMMY® Award-winning, multi-platinum producer/engineer/mix engineer for countless R&B, hip-hop and pop hits. The new features include the Maserati GRP Group Processor, a new Insert/Send mode and dozens of presets.

The brand new Maserati GRP Group Processor was designed especially for group tracks, to put the finishing touches and sheen on background vocals, drums, master outs and more. The seventh plugin in the collection, GRP is designed for instrument submix groups. As engineers and mixers often submix tracks and process them as a group, usually adding overall EQ or compression, the GRP Group Processor is designed with this in mind, saving processing power and “glue-ing” instruments together in the mix. The Maserati GRP includes various dedicated modes such as Guitars, Backing Vocals, Live Drums and much more.

Maserati states, “The Maserati GRP plugin is meant to help that final blend jump out. It’s got a nice bit of equalization involved but no effects, no shredders, none of that kind of thing. In fact, the compression that I’m using in the network there is very, very subtle, because generally I don’t do major compression over my groups. It’s meant to add a nice sheen on a great blend of background vocals or compress a drum kit together, make it really feel like it’s got some nice air to it.”

Additionally, the updated Collection features an added Insert/Send mode. The VX1 Vocal Enhancer, GTi Guitar Toner, B72 Bass Phattener and ACG Acoustic Guitar Designer now all feature both Insert and Send modes. This new function allows users to utilize the effects section of the Collection’s plugins without direct processing. This presents two advantages: First, users now have access to Maserati’s personally designed effects detached from the direct processing if they so wish. Second, it allows users to share resources, applying an effect to several tracks rather than opening a plugin on each track, saving computer processing power and simplifying workflow.

Finally, the Collection now features dozens of new presets created by Tony himself, as well as other top engineers, making the Waves Tony Maserati Artist Signature Collection deliver an even wider palette of processing choices faster than ever.

The Tony Maserati Artist Signature Collection is Native only, and requires iLok authorization. The Collection is available separately and in Waves Mercury. Maserati Collection V7 and Mercury V7 owners covered by Waves Update Plan receive the new edition of The Tony Maserati Artist Signature Collection at no additional charge. For more information on the Collection please visit http://www.waves.com/Content.aspx?id=8873.

About Tony Maserati
Tony Maserati has played a pivotal role in defining today’s R&B, hip-hop and pop aesthetic. With over 250 releases under his belt, he is widely regarded as a primary architect of the sounds associated with New York R&B production since the mid-90s. His resume is extensive: Jason Mraz (for whose most recent album Maserati is currently nominated for a GRAMMY), will.i.am / Fergie / Black Eyed Peas, Mary J. Blige, David Bowie, 2Pac, Britney Spears, John Legend, Beyoncé, Jessica Simpson, Alicia Keys, and many more have all turned to Maserati for his magic touch. With The Tony Maserati Collection, users are given a fast track to Maserati’s hit sounds.

About the Waves Artist Signature Series
The only tools of their kind, the Artist Signature Series is Waves’ exclusive line of Application-Specific Audio Processors, created in collaboration with the world’s top producers, engineers and mixing engineers. Each and every Artist Signature Series plugin has been precision-crafted to capture the artist’s distinct sound and production style, using custom multi-effect processing chains designed by the artists themselves. For experienced and aspiring audio professionals alike, the Waves Artist Signature Series streamlines the mixing process, delivering high-quality results, instantly.

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