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WAVES LTD, the leading provider of digital audio processing solutions for a comprehensive range of professional audio applications, brings convolution-based reverberation and reverb sampling into usable form with the introduction of the IR-1 convolution (sampling)-based software reverb.

The IR-1 is a sampling reverb with classic control of the primary reverberation parameters, making the power of convolution available in an easy-to-use form for the first time. IR-1 comes with an extensive library of over 60 carefully sampled actual impulse responses from real halls, famous hardware-based reverb devices, rooms, and other spaces as varied as the Santa Cecilia auditorium in Rome to world-famous recording studios, to Nashville’s Bluebird Café, to the interior of a Lincoln Navigator! All the samples’ parameters can be controlled conventionally, from the elegant graphic front panel — a first for convolution technology.

Traditionally, conventional reverb devices have been popular because of their extensive control, with easily varied parameters to set room size, RT60, filtering, and other characteristics. Meanwhile, convolution-based, or “sampling” reverbs have been able to offer the sound of real spaces, but in the past it has proved impossible for them to offer the same degree of control as in the case of conventional digital reverberation units.

Now that barrier has been broken. The IR-1 offers familiar, parametric control, for the first time in a convolution-based sampling reverb system. The parameters really are variable — it’s not simply filtering to get the effect of changing a setting — and the control is generally from 0.25 to four times the natural parameter value.

For example, the user can vary the RT60 reverberation time of an actual sampled space, and also change the size of the space without losing its character. Graphical breakpoint envelopes allow the decay shape to be infinitely modified to suit the application. Change the reverb density, analyze the frequency response and derive the room nodes, use de-correlation to optimize the stereophonic character of the reverb, add gain and pre-delay to each portion of the reverb curve — the possibilities are endless. Innovative filtering enables the damping to be precisely controlled, and there’s a classic Waves 4-band parametric EQ to control the color of the reverberation.

The technology of the IR-1 is so advanced, it was the subject of a paper at the AES 24th International Conference in June 2003. The technique for sampling the library uses a unique combination of microphone array, including a dummy head, ORTF, and Soundfield microphones mounted on a computer controlled turntable, for astonishing accuracy and realism. Each space is sampled from multiple locations, at 96kHz and 32-bit floating point for maximum resolution, dynamic range, and SNR.

The IR-1 makes the stunning lifelike accuracy of a convolution-based, sampling reverb as easy to use as a conventional reverb unit — because it is controlled in exactly the same way.

A 14-day free demo of the IR-1 is available from authorized Waves dealers or at www.waves.com. The IR-1 ships in January 2004 and carries an MSRP of $1000. It is supported on Mac and PC programs via RTAS, HTDM (Mac), AudioSuite, VST, DirectX (Win), MAS (Mac), and Audio Units (Mac).

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Waves is a leading provider of audio DSP solutions for professional, broadcast, and consumer electronics audio markets. Waves has ten years of expertise in the development of psycho-acoustic signal processing algorithms that leverage knowledge on the human perception of hearing to radically improve perceived sound quality. Waves’ award-winning processors are utilized to improve sound quality in the creation of the world’s most popular music, movie soundtracks, and multimedia titles. Waves offers computer software solutions and hardware plus software solutions for the professional and broadcast markets. Waves also offers semiconductor with embedded software solutions under the Maxx brand for the consumer electronics audio applications. Waves’ Maxx technology dramatically enhances audio performance in consumer applications and has been licensed to several leading companies, including Motorola and Microsoft. For more information, visit the Waves web site at http://www.waves.com.

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