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—VENUE/D-Show compatibility for Waves Hybrid and PuigChild plug-ins further emphasizes Waves Live Division’s dedicated offerings for the live sound market sectors —

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, July 9, 2009 — Following closely on the announcement earlier this year that more than 50 of Waves’ most popular plug-ins are now compatible for use with Digidesign® D-Show Software and VENUE consoles, Waves Live Division announces VENUE Compatibility for its successful Hybrid Line (H-Comp Hybrid Compressor and H-Delay Hybrid Delay) and PuigChild Compressor/Limiter. Users now have the benefit of being able to use these invaluable studio tools in live sound applications. These TDM plug-ins can run on Digidesign VENUE consoles using the Waves D-Show Enabler. Current Waves TDM users can purchase the D-Show Enabler, making their Waves products fully VENUE-compatible.

Waves Hybrid Line
Drawing on the technical breakthroughs of their award-winning console/processor models (SSL 4000 Collection, V-Series, The API Collection, The JJP Collection), Waves has created a series of plug-ins that blends the best of yesterday’s sound with today’s technology. The Hybrid Line offers the color and character of classic analog hardware processors with the features and flexibility of Waves digital plug-ins. The first two products in the Waves Hybrid Line are the H-Comp Hybrid Compressor and the H-Delay Hybrid Delay. H-Comp is a brand new dynamics processor that combines the modeled behavior of transformers, tubes, and transistors with the power and precision provided only by modern-day plug-ins. From slap-back echo, ping-pong delay and tempo-sync with modulation, to filtering, flanging, phasing and more, H-Delay delivers real vintage as well as PCM42-style effects, controlled by a super-intuitive interface.

The PuigChild 660 & 670 Compressor/Limiter
Part of the Waves Jack Joseph Puig Collection, the PuigChild 660 & 670 Compressor/Limiter was created by Waves in close partnership with multiple GRAMMY®-winning producer/mixer Jack Joseph Puig. Throughout the vinyl era, the original Fairchild stereo 670 compressor and its mono counterpart, the 660, were used on dozens of classic records. From the recording studio to the record lathe, the Fairchild was renowned for its advanced compression techniques and incomparable sound. With the PuigChild Compressor/Limiter, Waves has captured every distinctive nuance of Jack Joseph Puig’s personal vintage Fairchild 670, along with every detail of its rich harmonic complexity.

The introduction of new VENUE compatibility for these key plug-ins comes during a flurry of activity for the Waves Live Division. After years of creating hardware and software tools that have become a staple of the modern recording studio, and in the process bringing to market a number of products that have become indispensable components of the live sound signal chain, earlier this year Waves Audio announced the formation of Waves Live Division, a dedicated branch addressing the needs of the live sound market sector. With that announcement came the unveiling of a new website, www.waveslive.com, as well as the first round of D-Show/VENUE live capability for Waves plug-ins. Since then, the Division has been continuing to develop new software for live sound, with an in-depth focus on innovative, market-driven product. Additionally, several high-profile Waves Live users have come forward to praise the product line, including “Big Mick” Hughes (FOH for Metallica), Ken “Pooch” Van Druten (FOH for Linkin Park, System of a Down), prominent A/V contactor Clair Brothers and many more.

Asher Bitansky, Waves Director of Business Development and a key supervisor of the Live Division, stated, “Waves Live Division is dedicated to providing performers and live sound engineers the same high-quality processing tools found in Waves’ studio bundles. The PuigChild and the Hybrid Line have proven very successful plug-ins for a wide variety of studio users, and represent the ongoing commitment by Waves to create tools enabling new levels of creativity and control to the Live sound mixer.”

For more information, please visit www.waveslive.com.

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