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WAVES LTD., a leading innovator in audio signal processing solutions, is exhibiting its ultimate plug-in package — the Diamond Bundle.

The Waves Diamond Bundle incorporates 35 critically acclaimed signal processing tools from the Platinum, Transform, and Restoration Bundles in one all-encompassing package. Cutting tracks with the Diamond Bundle means incredible power as well as an incredible value.

The Diamond Bundle comprises plug-ins for every application, including tracking, mixing, mastering, sound design, audio restoration, and creative sound manipulation. All these tools are now available in the comprehensive Diamond Bundle at significantly less than the cost of buying the three original bundles individually.

For further versatility, Waves’ exclusive WaveShell provides support for all popular plug-in formats and audio editors including TDM, RTAS, and AudioSuite, along with native formats such as VST, DirectX (Windows), MAS (Macintosh), and Apple Audio Units (Macintosh).

The Transform Bundle — New Sound Transformation Tools
The latest addition to the Waves family of signal processing solutions is the Transform Bundle of plug-ins for creative sound manipulation, including Sound Shifter, Doubler, TransX, and Morphoder, all operating at sample rates up to 96 kHz. The comprehensive Transform Bundle offers four innovative tools in one package designed to control and shape time, pitch, dimension, punch, and instrument characteristics.

Waves Restoration — The Ultimate Cleanup Tool
Utilizing the latest in psycho-acoustic research and multi-level decision algorithms, the critically acclaimed Waves Restoration Bundle features four plug-ins specifically designed to deal with noise, clicks, crackles, and hum. The Restoration Bundle can successfully address virtually all the problems that may be encountered while recovering audio material from magnetic tape, optical soundtracks, vinyl, or shellac disc recordings — and even digital sources.

The Platinum Bundle — Processors from the Award Winning Gold Bundle, Plus More
In addition, the Diamond Bundle incorporates all the processors that make up Waves’ renowned Platinum Bundle, which consists of its most popular and award-winning Gold Bundle, plus three processors available from the Masters Bundle, and three more from the Renaissance Collection 2 Bundle. Linear Phase EQ, Multiband, and the lauded L2 Ultramaximizer are components taken from the Masters Bundle, which are ideal for precision mastering applications. The Renaissance Collection 2 supplies the Renaissance VOX, a powerful vocal processor improving strength and stability; the Renaissance Bass, a second generation version of the patented MaxxBass psycho-acoustic bass extension algorithm; and the Renaissance DeEsser, an improved de-esser offering adaptive threshold for smoother, more natural de-essing. The Gold Bundle offers another 19 acclaimed tools created by Waves.

The new Diamond Bundle puts the most powerful and popular Waves plug-ins into one toolkit, reflecting the unprecedented scope of Waves signal processing. Covering all facets of studio work, the Waves Diamond Bundle is the engineer’s best friend.

For more information, visit the Waves web site at www.waves.com.

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About Waves Ltd.:
Waves is a leading provider of audio DSP solutions for professional, broadcast, and consumer electronics audio markets. Waves has ten years of expertise in the development of psycho-acoustic signal processing algorithms that leverage knowledge on the human perception of hearing to radically improve perceived sound quality. Waves’ award-winning processors are utilized to improve sound quality in the creation of the world’s most popular music, movie soundtracks, and multimedia titles. Waves offers computer software solutions and hardware plus software solutions for the professional and broadcast markets. Waves also offers semiconductor with embedded software solutions under the Maxx brand for the consumer electronics audio applications. Waves’ Maxx technology dramatically enhances audio performance in consumer applications and has been licensed to several leading companies, including Motorola and Microsoft. For more information, visit the Waves web site at http://www.waves.com.

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Tel: 972-3-608-4000, Fax: 972-3-608-4056, Email: info@waves.com,
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