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Montecito Reference Loudspeaker System

Montecito Reference Loudspeaker System

Montecito Reference Loudspeaker System

Montecito Reference Loudspeaker System

Montecito Reference Loudspeaker System


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Ocean Way Audio Introduces Its Montecito
High-Resolution Reference Loudspeaker System at CES 2014

INTERNATIONAL CES, January 7, 2014 — At CES 2014, Ocean Way Audio is introducing its Montecito reference loudspeaker system, designed by Allen Sides, the GRAMMY® Award-winning engineer/producer and founder of Ocean Way Recording. The high-bandwidth, wide-dispersion Montecito is the next step forward for the company’s acclaimed AS1 loudspeaker and offers increased dynamic range, greater efficiency and additional sonic improvements to deliver extraordinary fidelity and musical accuracy.

The Ocean Way Audio Montecito is on exhibit at CES 2014 at the Venetian Tower Suite 30-231, Las Vegas, NV (January 7 – 10, 2014).

The 3-way Montecito employs a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter with an aluminum voice coil that is encased in ferrofluid, which yields increased power handling capability and dampens resonances in the dome for smooth, natural yet detailed high-frequency response. The tweeter is coupled to a solid hardwood waveguide that provides exceptionally wide dispersion and a smooth tonal balance over a wider listening area, along with higher efficiency.

The Montecito uses a 10-inch Polymer coated cone cast-frame midbass driver with a 1-1/2-inch aluminum voice coil and dual 12-inch aluminum cone woofers with 2-1/2-inch aluminum voice coils that are capable of over one inch of excursion. This driver configuration enables the Montecito to deliver unusually wide dynamic range, articulate bass that is flat to 30Hz and high volume levels, yet with extremely low distortion. The tweeter and midrange drivers’ voice coils are physically aligned to provide symmetrical as well as linear time alignment.

The speaker’s smooth on- and off-axis dispersion allows listeners to move around the room and hear the same natural, open sound and accurate imaging in any listening location.

The Montecito utilizes an extremely high-quality passive crossover with hand-matched components and is available in matched pairs that are typically within plus or minus 0.5dB of each other and provide a frequency response from 30Hz to 24kHz plus or minus 1.5dB. Two sets of speaker terminals enable bi-wiring or bi-amping if desired. The Montecito’s enclosure is constructed from laminated birch plywood and other high-density woods selected to eliminate colorations that might be caused by unwanted internal resonances. Each cabinet is finished with select mahogany and spruce with intricate inlays on the edges of the 45-degree-angled front corners. The cabinets then receive an 18-coat polyester finish.

The Ocean Way Audio Montecito is offered in a choice of real-wood finishes that complement its understated, functional design. The Montecito is available now at a suggested retail price of $48,000 per pair.

Key specifications and features are as follows:

  • Frequency response: +/- 1.5dB, 30Hz to 24kHz
  • Crossover points: 160Hz, 1.6kHz; passive third-order crossover efficiency: 88dB, 1 watt at 1 meter
  • 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter with aluminum voice coil surrounded by ferrofluid, coupled to a solid hardwood waveguide
  • 10-inch midbass driver with anodized aluminum cone, die-cast frame and 1-1/2-inch voice coil
  • Dual 12-inch woofers with aluminum cones and die-cast frames; each woofer has a 2-1/2-inch voice coil capable of over one inch of excursion
  • Dimensions: 52 inches high by 16 inches wide by 22 inches deep
  • Weight: 154 lbs.


About Ocean Way Recording and Allen Sides
Allen Sides, the GRAMMY® Award-winning engineer, producer and mixer who founded Ocean Way Recording, developed these renowned speaker systems. His studios and his Ocean Way Monitoring Systems have since helped artists like The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Eminem, Janet Jackson and Radiohead, to name a few, create milestone music recordings. Through an exclusive arrangement with GC Pro, the famed Ocean Way Monitoring Systems can now be custom tailored and installed in commercial recording facilities, private studios, home theaters and a variety of other critical listening environments.

Mr. Sides designed and built Ocean Way Studios Hollywood, Ocean Way Studios Nashville, Ocean Way Studio St. Barth’s at Eden Rock and Record One Studios Sherman Oaks. Together, these constitute the most award-winning and successful music studios in the world. Mr. Sides has also personally recorded over 500 albums, many of which have become audiophile classics. Albums recorded in Mr. Sides’ studios have sold in excess of 1 billion copies. Mr. Sides brings a new dimension and understanding to what is possible in high-end speaker design, and the Impact is the realization of this experience.


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Ocean Way Audio is exhibiting at the Venetian Tower Suite 30-231 at International CES in Las Vegas.

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