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Fresh Cuts Volume 4 cover art

Alternative rock legends Weezer, who contributed an exclusive track to Guitar Center’s GAIN Program compilation Fresh Cuts Volume 4 as well as selected the songs for the CD

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— Fourth CD release from the GAIN Program’s Fresh Cuts series, available for FREE from Guitar Center, features GC employees’ songs hand-selected by Weezer, plus an exclusive unreleased Weezer track —

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA, July 21, 2009 – Guitar Center, the world’s largest musical instrument and professional audio retailer, announces the new compilation CD Fresh Cuts Volume 4. The release, the fourth in an ongoing series, is part of Guitar Center’s GAIN Program, designed to give GC Employees an outlet for pursuing their music industry dreams. As such, the disc features recordings by members of the GC family, hand-selected by none other than legendary alternative rock band Weezer from a pool of GC employee submissions. Weezer are also included on the CD themselves, via “Everybody Go Away” – an exclusive track only available on this compilation. 50,000 CDs will be available for free while supplies last at over 200 GC locations starting July 21, 2009.

The GAIN Program was launched in March 2007 to help Guitar Center team members achieve their musical aspirations. At the heart of GAIN is an extensive private social network where Guitar Center, Inc. employees can post music, pictures, blogs and online discussions, in order to share with and learn from each other. In addition, GAIN presents a number of other benefits, deals, offers and opportunities to its participants, including partnerships with a number of vendors, services and institutions (music-related and non-music related alike). The GAIN program continues to build relationships with companies, organizations and individuals who can provide exposure, insight, tools and opportunity to the musicians who work for Guitar Center.

Weezer’s involvement continues with an exciting trend for the GAIN Program and the Fresh Cuts CD series. Fresh Cuts Volumes 2 and 3, available at Guitar Center stores in 2008, both featured participation from key members of the music community, with the material on Volume 2 being selected by GRAMMY® winners Smashing Pumpkins and Volume 3 placed in the hands of hip-hop luminaries Just Blaze, Jay Electronica and Mike Chav. Both the Pumpkins and Jay Electronica also contributed tracks for those compilations.

According to Weezer’s official site, “Everybody Go Away” was recorded in 2000 during preproduction stages for their 2001 self-titled release, the so-called “Green Album.” The site also points out that Fresh Cuts Volume 4 features a track from Jason Cropper, former Weezer member and current Guitar Center Professional Account Manager.

Weezer founding member Pat Wilson stated, “It’s fun to be on this compilation and to draw attention to the bands on it. Hopefully it will encourage people to grow musically and to enjoy the experience of playing together.”

Jeremy Cole, Guitar Center GAIN Program Manager, reflected on the Fresh Cuts Volume 4 CD and Weezer’s involvement: “Partnering with Weezer made perfect sense. Guitar Center and Weezer both focus on inspiring the next generation of musicians. We are fortunate to be able to team up with groundbreaking bands like Weezer to offer exposure and opportunity to all Guitar Center employees on a national level.”

For more information on the Fresh Cuts Volume 4 CD, please visit www.guitarcenter.com. For more information on Weezer, as well as news regarding their upcoming North American tour dates, please visit www.weezer.com.

Fresh Cuts Volume 4 Track List:
1. “Everybody Go Away” – Weezer
2. “She’d Be Good For Me” – Jason Cropper (GC Pro Account Manager, Guitar Center West L.A., CA)
3. “Ghost” – SkinGod (Featuring Tom Binasco, Guitar Center Manhattan, NY)
4. “The Diamond Studded King” – The Substance (Featuring Stephen Savona, Assistant Manager, Guitar Center Totowa, NJ)
5. “Back to the Past” – William Wiegand (Guitar Center Kendall, FL)
6. “The War” – Brett Pearson (Assistant Manager, Guitar Center El Toro, CA)
7. “No Second Guessin’” – Trunk Bound Regime ft. DJ Spare Change (Featuring Michael Cooley and Kenny Pyles of Guitar Center Dayton, OH, and Chelsea Johnson, Operations Manager of Guitar Center Lexington, KY)
8. “Way Down” – Googutz (Featuring Jason Pellegrino, Inventory Control, and Chris Roberts, A/P Trade Manager of Guitar Center Management, Westlake Village, CA)
9. “Country Song” – The Union City All Stars (Featuring Keith Anderson of Guitar Center Warwick, RI)
10. “Bill Collector” – Natives of the New Dawn (Featuring Joe Fikany of Guitar Center Pasadena, CA)
11. “On The Edge” – Law of Destruction (Featuring Kyle Knicely, Department Manager, and John Comprix, Department Manager, Guitar Center Cleveland, OH)
12. “Rafters and Roofbeams” – Size (Featuring Robert Bell III, Assistant Manager, Guitar Center Allentown, PA)
13. “Purity” – Benjamin Strange (Assistant Manager, Guitar Center San Francisco, CA)
14. “Romeo and Juliet” – The Lifeline (Featuring Ryan T. Hope, Assistant Manager, Guitar Center Central Chicago, IL)
15. “Wasted Daylight” – Brace The Fall (Featuring Brian Schmidt, Department Manager, Guitar Center Beaverton, OR)
16. “The New American Standard” – Collin Kravis (Guitar Center Southfield, MI)
17. “Game Has Changed” – Flamer (Featuring Kenneth Flamer, Field HR Manager, Guitar Center Management, Westlake Village, CA)
18. “In Search Of…” – Tension Head (Featuring Anthony Garcia, Operations Assistant, Guitar Center Saginaw, MI)

Photo File: GC_FreshCutsVol4.JPG
Photo Caption: Fresh Cuts Volume 4 cover art

Photo File: Weezer.JPG
Photo Caption: Alternative rock legends Weezer, who contributed an exclusive track to Guitar Center’s GAIN Program compilation Fresh Cuts Volume 4 as well as selected the songs for the CD.


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