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Sterling Audio H224 Recording Starter Pack bundle

Sterling Audio H224 Recording Starter Pack bundle (alternate view)


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Sterling Audio offers H224 Recording Starter Pack bundle

All-in-one turnkey solution allows entry-level recording artists and content creators to get going recording on their computer – bundle includes 2-input/4-output audio interface, DAW recording software & plugins, two condenser microphones, studio headphones and cables

Westlake Village, CA, April 4, 2023 – Sterling Audio, a leading manufacturer of recording studio solutions, introduces its new H224 Recording Starter Pack bundle, offering an all-in-one solution for musicians and content creators to get started recording on their computer. This bundle, competitively priced at $299.99, includes an audio interface, recording software, microphones, headphones and microphone cables, all in an easy-to-use package. This bundle is ideal for entry-level recordists, podcasters, students, or anyone looking to turn their computer into a recording setup.

The bundle contains the following components:

  • Sterling Harmony H224 Audio interface: 2 simultaneous input and 4 simultaneous output capable audio interface with studio quality preamps, converters and electronics (includes 192kHz sample rate capability).
  • Tracktion/Waveform OEM DAW recording software and recording plug-ins for immediate use in music and content creation.
  • Two condenser microphones (Sterling SP150 and SP130 Studio Condenser Mics) that can be used independently or collectively for vocal and speech applications, acoustic instruments, and various sound sources.
  • Sterling S400 Studio Headphones, with large 40mm drivers designed for recording or mixing music and creative content, as well as musical enjoyment.
  • Two Livewire Essential 15-foot XLR microphone cables to connect directly with the included audio interface and microphones.
  • Additional plugin bundles: Two Notes Audio/Torpedo Wall of Sound (guitar cabinet and miking simulation plugin, including four custom cabinets), plus a 30-day all-access pass to Slate Digital (over 60 award-winning plugins & virtual instruments).

The Sterling Harmony H224 Audio Interface delivers studio-grade circuitry, superior sound quality, and flexible monitoring, all optimized for desktop recording. With its NXS Class-A discrete electronics and premium-grade converters, it’s easy to achieve clear, transparent sound. Plus, the micro console form-factor design with a sturdy metal enclosure allows it to fit seamlessly into any project studio or mobile recording environment and echoes the flexibility and layout of large-format studio consoles.

Tracktion/Waveform OEM is a multi-award-winning digital workstation software solution, featuring powerful and creative tools to inspire the modern musician. Users get unlimited track count and powerful features, compatible with all popular plugins and efficient performance on Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. Plugins included: 40SC Virtual Analog Synth, Collective Sampler Synthesizer and the DAW Essentials Collection, which features 16 Premium FX Plugins, 30+ built-in FX and utility devices, Micro Drum Sampler for sampling/programming, Master Mix mastering channel strip plugin and more.

Sterling S400 Studio Headphones are designed for the discriminating professional recording engineer and studio recordist who needs an uncompromising set of headphones for recording, tracking, mixing or pure musical enjoyment. They deliver top-tier features, including professional 15Hz to 24KHz frequency response and high-definition 40mm drivers with outstanding mid-range clarity and enhanced bass. They offers plenty of output, even when using low-power, portable amp devices. Plus, the S400 earcups are completely removable, and the cushions replaceable when needed. They also swivel 90 degrees for single-ear monitoring. The S400 headphones are completely foldable with a collapsible earcup mechanism and removable cable for easy transport and storage.

Used together or separately, Sterling Audio SP150 and SP130 Studio Condenser Microphones are a great solution for recording versatility, ideal for vocals, speech, guitars, drums, and instruments — complete with full frequency range and extreme volume handling. The side-address SP150 delivers articulate and detailed vocal, instrument and speech recording, while the end-address SP130 instrument mic captures fast transients with outstanding clarity and the focused isolation of a cardioid pickup pattern. Includes HM2 mic stand mount, HM3 mic clip and custom carry case.

Sterling Harmony H224 Audio Interface features:

  • 2 Simultaneous Input and 4 simultaneous Output capability 
  • Discrete Class-A preamps with 192kHz studio quality converters 
  • Ergonomic micro console design with professional quality input/output ladder metering 
  • In-line PAD and High Pass filter on each input channel 
  • Dedicated, optimized instrument inputs that disengage rear inputs when plugging in guitar or bass 
  • USB bus powered. No external power supply required 
  • MIDI I/O equipped 

Sterling S400 Headphones features:

  • 40 mm drivers with superior sound reproduction 
  • Foldable design for easy transport and storage 
  • 90° rotatable ear cups for monitoring and comfort 
  • Circumaural design fits over the ear for best isolation 
  • Detachable headphone cable 

Sterling SP150/130 Studio Condenser Mics features:

  • Side-address vocal style condenser plus a pencil style instrument condenser microphone  
  • Class-A FET design provides full-frequency response 
  • Cardioid pickup pattern rejects back and side sounds 
  • Includes microphone mounts and protective carry case 

For more information, visit https://sterlingaudio.net/.

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Photo caption 1: Sterling Audio H224 Recording Starter Pack bundle

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