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— The primary on-air monitors for Fox Sport’s Best Damned Sports Show Period,
Genelec 8040As delivered a week of pre-game excitement hosted by
Tom Arnold, John Salley and Michael Strahan —

NATICK, MA, March 14, 2005 — For the week preceding last month’s Super Bowl, Fox Sports’ Best Damned Sports Show Period broadcast an all-star lineup of music, celebrities and sports stars, all talking football and sounding great over the Genelec 8040A broadcast monitors aboard the F&F Productions mobile truck. Parked on Jacksonville Landing and within sight of the Alltel Stadium Super Bowl venue, the F&F Productions truck hosted Bill Kaplan, Audio Crew Chief for Fox Sports Best Damn Sports Show Period. The special programming ran from Monday through Friday of Super Bowl week and on the day of the game, as well.

“The challenge to mixing the show was to try to keep the same feel as we do in the studio,” says Kaplan, who has been the On-Air Mixer for BDSSP since it debuted in 2001. “But there’s quite a difference between a couple of hundred people in the studio audience and the over 7,000 we had in Jacksonville. The trick was blending the audience microphones into the overall sound field. The program uses only lavalier microphones, and getting the talent to cut through what was a much denser-sounding crowd than usual was tricky.”

The Genelec 8040A monitors were key in accomplishing this, says Kaplan, assuring that the broadcast remained clear as a bell all week long for appearances by Chris Rock, Burt Reynolds, Adam Sandler, Terrel Owens, Dion Sanders, Joe Montana, Emmit Smith and Jerry Rice. For that same reason, both of F&F Productions’ high-definition remote trucks have identical Genelec 8040A 5.1 surround setups as their primary monitoring systems. “They are excellent-sounding speakers and they’ve become the standard for broadcast audio,” comments Bill McKechney, Vice President of Engineering for F&F Productions. “Whether we use them for stereo, as we did for the pre-Super Bowl broadcasts, or in full 5.1, the Genelec speakers perform incredibly well.”

Adds Kaplan, “The Genelecs don’t color the sound, and that’s important when you’re mixing a combination of music and dialog. You always know what you’ll be getting out of your mix at the other end of the broadcast, and that’s a good feeling to have when you’re getting ready for the biggest game of the year.”

PHOTO CAPTION: Left, Bill Kaplan, Production Audio Mixer for Fox Digital and Jeff Cohen of
LPC Systems (consultant). Audio control shown here is a 5.1 ready system in the F&F Productions HDTV Remote truck which handled the Fox SportsNet feeds for the 39th SuperBowl Best Damn Sports Show Period pre-game, six-day broadcast from the nearby Jacksonville Sports Complex venue, Jacksonville Landing, Jacksonville, FL, Feb 1-6, 2005.

PHOTO CAPTION: Bill Kaplan, Production Audio Mixer for Fox Digital.

PHOTO CAPTION: F&F Productions HDTV Remote Truck.

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Genelec, the pioneer in Active Monitoring technology, was founded in 1978 and has concentrated its efforts and resources into the design and manufacturing of active monitoring loudspeakers with unparalleled sonic accuracy. Genelec has been credited with promoting the concept of active monitors, a trend in technology that some manufacturers are just now incorporating into their products. Genelec has a complete line of active main, mid-field, and near-field monitors for application in the postproduction, project studio, broadcast, TV, and CD mastering markets.

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