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Jeremy Schemm, pictured at Another Country Detroit with Genelec 8331 Smart Active Monitors. Photo credit: Chris Thorn, Cutters Studios. © 2017.



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Integrated Media Firm Another Country Checks Out
the New Genelec 8331 Smart Active Monitors™

— Longtime “all-Genelec” facility shares their thoughts on the Genelec 8331 —

NATICK, MA, July 11, 2017 Genelec, the leader in active monitoring technology for nearly 40 years, is proud to be the studio monitor of choice at the Detroit facility of acclaimed integrated media firm Another Country, part of the Cutters Studios group. Handling the widest range of media services for its clients in the television, radio and industrial sectors, including shooting all the way through post-production and distribution, Another Country has studios in Chicago and Detroit, and the Detroit facility continues to be a main hub, producing award-winning content for Detroit automakers, consumer brands and much more. The facility itself is “all Genelec,” according to Audio Designer and Mixer Jeremy Schemm, and the firm’s arsenal of Genelec studio monitors helps keep the content professionally produced with the very best audio mixes. Recently, Schemm had the opportunity to audition the 8331’s in several of the facility’s control rooms.
“We’ve been an all-Genelec facility for over 10 years,” notes Schemm. “Generally we like to keep up with the evolution of the product line, so in recent years we have made a deliberate move to their DSP-oriented products, including 8250 Smart Active Monitors, 8130 Digital Input Active Monitors and others. When I heard the 8331’s were available, I was eager to give them a try. I put up a Ford project that I was working on and immediately I heard more clarity with a tighter center – it is amazing how much detail these little speakers bring out. I’m a big fan of reverb, and these 8331’s allowed me to hear the reverb tails with a new level of depth and detail. The 31’s give you an extremely tight center but with space around the track – it really pulls you into the mix. You get the depth, the width, the tightness – you feel that your in the mix – it’s a wonderful experience.”

Schemm also brings up an interesting point on how the 8331’s helped him with his workflow: “Every day I’m recording voiceover over ISDN, and so with speakers that have DSP, and speakers like the 8331 that are that accurate, I instantly know whether I have a good ISDN connection because I can hear all the details. Some days you might work at another facility with a bad connection, and you have to fix things after the fact to make it match sonically with your other work, and that can be a challenge. It’s really nice to have accurate monitors that you can be confident in so that you can know that you have a good product just right from the beginning and you don’t have to make up for it on the back end.”

When asked if Schemm had any final thoughts, he stated, “It transfers great. You never have translation problems with Genelec speakers. With the Genelecs, I can EQ with confidence because I know that whatever I edit or mix will translate across different monitor setups, from flat screens to portable devices. There are never surprises or imbalances.”

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Photo caption: Jeremy Schemm, pictured at Another Country Detroit with Genelec 8331 Smart Active Monitors. Photo credit: Chris Thorn, Cutters Studios. © 2017.

Genelec, the pioneer in Active Monitoring technology, is celebrating nearly 40 years of designing and manufacturing active loudspeakers for true and accurate sound reproduction. Genelec is credited with promoting the concept of active transducer technology, which many manufacturers are just now incorporating into their products. Since its inception in 1978, Genelec has concentrated its efforts and resources into creating active monitors with unparalleled sonic integrity. The result is an active speaker system that has earned global acclaim for its accurate imaging, extremely high acoustic output from small enclosures, true high-fidelity with low distortion, and deep, rich bass.

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