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Audio-Technica’s updated UniPoint Boundary Microphones

Audio-Technica’s U891Rb and U891RWb UniPoint Cardioid Condenser Boundary Microphones

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Audio-Technica Now Shipping Updated UniPoint® Boundary Microphones with Touch-Sensitive Switches and Two-State RGB LED Status Indicators

Stow, OH, August 12, 2019 Audio-Technica is now shipping its updated UniPoint® U891 Boundary Microphone models featuring a two-state RGB LED status indicator and a touch-sensitive capacitive-type user switch that can be set to three modes, replacing the previously available models. All new U891 models are equipped with an 80 Hz low-cut UniSteep® filter to reduce pickup of low-frequency ambient noise, UniGuard® innovations that offer unsurpassed immunity from radio frequency interference and a unique PivotPoint® rotating connector that changes the cable exit point without the need for tools.

Designed to deliver easy, flexible control in conference and boardroom installations, all versatile U891 condenser boundary microphone models feature a heavy die-cast case and silicon foam bottom pads to minimize coupling of surface vibration to the microphone. Threaded inserts on the bottom of the microphone allow it to be mounted with screws for increased security. The unit’s self-contained electronics eliminate the need for an external power module. All models accept available interchangeable elements that permit angle of acceptance from 100-degree to 360-degree.

The U891RCb (upgrading the previous model, U891RCx) features a wide-range condenser microphone with a cardioid polar pattern and offers an external contact closure switch that allows users to control a remote device — a camera, for instance — from a switch on the microphone. Locally, the microphone’s activation switch can be set to three operating modes: touch-on/touch-off, press-to-talk, and press-to-mute.

The U891Rb (upgrading the previous model, U891Rx) is a cardioid condenser boundary microphone with a local activation switch that can be set to three operating modes. The model is available in black (U891Rb) and white (U891RWb).

The all-new U891RbO is an omnidirectional condenser boundary microphone with a three-mode switch. The U891RbO is designed for surface-mount applications such as high-quality sound reinforcement, professional recording, television, conferencing and other demanding sound pickup situations.

These models are now available with U.S. pricing as follows:
U891RCb $349.00 MAP
U891Rb $319.00 MAP
U891RWb $319.00 MAP
U891RbO $319.00 MAP

For more information, please visit www.audio-technica.com.

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Photo file 1: UniPointBoundary_grp.JPG
Photo caption 1: Audio-Technica’s updated UniPoint Boundary Microphones

Photo file 2: U891Rb_U891RWb.JPG
Photo caption 2: Audio-Technica’s U891Rb and U891RWb UniPoint Cardioid Condenser Boundary Microphones

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