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Audio-Technica ES964 boundary array microphone (photo 1)

Audio-Technica ES964 boundary array microphone (photo 2)

Audio-Technica ES964 boundary array microphone (photo 3)


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Audio-Technica introduces ES964 boundary array microphone

— The table-top ES964 provides easy-to-deploy clear audio solution for small-group conference environments —

Stow, OH, November 29, 2023 —  Audio-Technica, a leading innovator in transducer technology for over 60 years, introduces the ES964 boundary array microphone, the latest addition to the brand’s line of Engineered Sound® solutions. The simple-to-install table-top ES964 – developed for companies that are concerned about audio quality for small-group online conferences and considering installation or expansion of shared or permanent conference spaces – provides clear audio for multi-person video conference environments, and it serves as an ideal solution for customers whose room cannot accommodate a ceiling/hanging microphone array option. With its low-profile design, the microphone takes up minimal space on a conference table but still provides powerful audio capture and convenient control of two-way calls.

The ES964 employs one omnidirectional capsule and two bidirectional capsules. When combined with an Audio-Technica digital SmartMixer®, the ES964 offers directional sound capture via its virtual hypercardioid and cardioid pickups, providing speaker-focused sound capture within a 360-degree radius for clarity difficult to achieve with standard omnidirectional microphones. The ES964 is also compatible with a range of other open architecture DSP’s. Multiple and simultaneous settings can be configured to suit the seating positions of conference participants.

The microphone’s LED ring (programmable with seven different colors) provides immediate indication of the microphone's mute status (visible in all directions). Three MUTE touch switches located on the array housing allow for quick and intuitive operation of mute/unmute switching. In addition, Touch On/Touch Off, Touch to Talk, Touch to Mute, and Local, Remote, and LED Remote switches are provided on the main unit, allowing users to specify the optimal mute settings for their particular needs.

The ES964 is compatible with 20 to 52 V DC phantom power supplies. Additionally, it features UniGuard® proprietary shielding technology that protects the audio signals from radio frequency interference (RFI). Its space-saving design features a small 88 mm (3.5-inch) diameter and 22 mm (0.87-inch) height. It can be fixed to a table with a dedicated jig or with general-purpose screws. It comes standard with two dedicated RJ45 breakout cables necessary for connecting to a mixer.

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Photo file 1: ES964_PR_01.JPG
Photo caption 1: Audio-Technica ES964 boundary array microphone (photo 1)

Photo file 2: ES964_PR_02.JPG
Photo caption 2: Audio-Technica ES964 boundary array microphone (photo 2)

Photo file 3: ES964_PR_03.JPG
Photo caption 3: Audio-Technica ES964 boundary array microphone (photo 3)

With a rich history of delivering exceptional audio experiences, Audio-Technica is a trusted leader in the commercial audio industry. From wired microphones to advanced wireless systems, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that meet the unique needs of professionals in every audio application. Experience the Audio-Technica difference at

—For more information on the complete range of Audio-Technica products, contact Jamie Bobek, Audio-Technica U.S., Inc., 1221 Commerce Drive, Stow, OH 44224. Tel: (330) 686-2600; Fax: (330) 688-3752; Web:












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