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Roland Blues Cube New York Blues Tone Capsule

Roland Blues Cube New York Blues Tone Capsule

Guitarist Oz Noy with the new Blues Cube New York Blues Tone Capsule


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Roland Announces Blues Cube New York Blues Tone Capsule

Custom voicing circuit developed with guitarist Oz Noy

Los Angeles, CA, October 12, 2016 — The Blues Cube New York Blues Tone Capsule brings another expressive voicing option to the Roland Blues Cube amplifier series. This user-installable Tone Capsule changes the sound and response characteristics of a compatible Blues Cube amp to produce a voice similar to a traditional British combo amplifier with EL84 tubes – often referred to as the “class-A sound” – while still incorporating elements of the Blues Cube’s American tweed heritage.

Developed under the supervision of NYC guitarist Oz Noy, the New York Blues Tone Capsule delivers a unique tonal fusion that captures the international diversity of the New York City music scene. It provides all the characteristics that classic British EL84 combos are noted for, including glassy clean chime, creamy power tube distortion, and a distinctive presence that cuts through any band mix. With the Blues Cube’s wide-ranging gain and tone controls, players can also dial in sounds that bring some of the original Blues Cube’s tweed-flavored midrange and overdrive into the mix.

Oz Noy’s eclectic fusion of jazz, rock, and blues styles embodies the diverse musical melting pot found in New York City. For the New York Blues Tone Capsule, Roland enlisted the guitarist to help fine-tune its tone and feel for maximum expression on stage. At the famous Germano Studios in New York, Oz worked tirelessly with the Roland engineers to dial-in every note to his satisfaction. For the final test, he used the completed Tone Capsule (installed in a Blues Cube Tour head) at his regular nightclub gig in Greenwich Village, and he loved the results.

The popular Blues Cube amplifier series features Roland’s innovative and comprehensive Tube Logic approach, which completely captures the highly musical sound and inspiring feel of classic tube guitar amps. One of the many benefits of Tube Logic is the ability to instantly change the amplifier’s voicing via a Tone Capsule socket on the chassis.

The New York Blues Tone Capsule is the latest addition to the growing Tone Capsule lineup, which also includes Tone Capsules developed with Eric Johnson, Robben Ford, and Kirk Fletcher.

The New York Blues Tone Capsule is compatible with the Blues Cube Artist, Artist212, Stage, and Tour amplifiers, and is available for a U.S. street price of $199.

To learn more, visit www.roland.com/us.


Photo file 1: Roland_bc_tc-ny.JPG
Photo caption 1: Roland Blues Cube New York Blues Tone Capsule

Photo file 2: Roland_bc_tc-ny_image.JPG
Photo caption 2: Roland Blues Cube New York Blues Tone Capsule

Photo file 3: Roland_bc_tc-ny_Oz_Noy.JPG
Photo caption 3: Guitarist Oz Noy with the new Blues Cube New York Blues Tone Capsule

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