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Roland EC-10M ELCajon Mic Processor

Clip-on mic for the Roland EC-10M ELCajon Mic Processor

EC-10M Clip-on Mic Attached to Sound Hole


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Roland Introduces EC-10M ELCajon Mic Processor

Play layered electronic sounds with any acoustic cajon

September 9, 2016, Los Angeles, CA — Roland announces the EC-10M ELCajon Mic Processor, a unique and innovative creative tool for acoustic cajon players. Compact and battery-powered, the EC-10M enables the user to trigger electronic layered sounds with their own instrument via an included clip-on mic. The EC-10M also offers the ability to trigger additional sounds with two integrated foot pads or optional kick trigger pedals, and includes a looper function for creating rhythmic phrases with electronic sounds.

Introduced to wide acclaim at the 2016 Winter NAMM Show, the ELCajon EC-10 has been a breakout success, combining an acoustic cajon with built-in Roland electronic layered sounds. With the EC-10M ELCajon Mic Processor, players can now explore the many benefits of Roland’s leading electronic percussion technology with any acoustic cajon.

The mic included with the EC-10M clips to a cajon’s sound hole and is used to trigger a variety of EC-10M electronic tones for layering with the live acoustic voice. The 16 kit variations include percussion sounds such as tambourine, surdo, splash cymbal, and many others, plus acoustic snare drum and the famous TR-808 snare. Cajon sounds with ambience are also included, enabling a user to reinforce their cajon’s natural tone with powerful studio sound.

The EC-10M intelligently senses when the mic is picking up sounds from the head and edge surfaces on the cajon, letting the user play distinctly different electronic sounds with each of these areas. This makes it easy to integrate EC-10M sounds naturally using authentic cajon techniques.

In each of the EC-10M’s kits, two additional electronic sounds are assigned to the onboard A/B foot pads, which can be triggered with toe taps while performing. For playing these sounds with authentic foot techniques and a more solid feel, up to two optional Roland kick trigger pedals (KT-10, KT-9, or KD-7) can be connected.

In addition to being a sound module for electronic sounds, the EC-10M also functions as a mic preamp for the clip-on mic, enabling users to amplify both the acoustic cajon and layered sounds through an amp or PA. Sounds can be sent to two independent outputs, or mixed to a single output.

The EC-10M includes a built-in looper for the electronic layered sounds, providing the ability to create instant percussive backing for acoustic cajon playing or jamming with another instrument. The looper is controlled using the A/B foot pads, and users can capture electronic sounds triggered from the cajon and external pedals in loops. It’s also possible to select kits while a loop is playing to change sounds.
The EC-10M ELCajon Mic Processor is offered at $229 street. To learn more, visit Roland.com/us.


Photo file: Roland_EC-10M.jpg
Photo caption: Roland EC-10M ELCajon Mic Processor

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Photo caption 2: Clip-on mic for the Roland EC-10M ELCajon Mic Processor

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Photo caption 3: EC-10M Clip-on Mic Attached to Sound Hole

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