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Lead PhantomFocus Installation Engineer Adam David Smith and PhantomFocus creator Carl Tatz sitting on a pair of PhantomFocus Raven Chrome eChairs™ in front of a Dual PhantomFocus™ System featuring the PFM HD-1000 Monitors and a pair of vintage Dynaudio C4s

PhantomFocus Brochure
PhantomFocus Brochure


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Connecticut Mix Room Transformed with PhantomFocus™ Monitoring

New York City-expatriate recording engineer power couple hires Carl Tatz Design® to implement a Dual PhantomFocus System in their pastoral home studio.

Nashville, TN: A noted husband-and-wife team of independent recording engineers who spent many years at the iconic A&R studios in New York City, as well as several other Manhattan facilities, and who wish to remain anonymous, have chosen the acclaimed PhantomFocus System (PFS)™ to complete their Connecticut home studio’s mix room. Their Dual PhantomFocus™ Monitor System is composed of a pair of PFM HD-1000 Master Reference Monitors and a pair of legacy Dynaudio C4 mid-fields. Dual systems share the same subwoofer system and frequency response curve, creating an unusually satisfying and accurate tool for the audio professional.

States Carl Tatz (TEC Award-winning studio designer and creator of the PFS), “This project had an unusually long gestation period, as the owners wanted to take their time working meticulously on the acoustics of the room with several top acoustic designers long before Carl Tatz Design (CTD) came into the picture to implement the PhantomFocus technology.”

Tatz continues, “Although acoustic designers ourselves, we’re aware, from our design experience, that acoustic design alone will not render the type of performance that can be achieved with the PFS. In this case, all the excellent work of the designers rendered a great PhantomFocus-ready room.”

Although the clients wished their identities not to be known, the husband generously insisted on testifying to their PhantomFocus experience. His testimony in full reads as follows:

“After the first time Carl sat me down to audition a few well-chosen tracks on my freshly tuned Dual PhantomFocus Monitor System, I turned to him and simply said: ‘I have no words – and anyone who knows me would tell you that is never the case’ In retrospect, it was nothing short of mind-blowing. It was emotional. In fact, when my wife first heard it, she was literally in tears. I could go on about the insane imaging and depth and focus when listening to premium material, but what counts more is how revealing the system can be when things are not so premium. Indeed, several tracks I’ve always considered to be ‘demo quality’ tend to expose their shortcomings in spades. I expressed this to Carl, who likened it to a microscope.”

The studio owner continues, “Overall, the PFM HD-1000 Monitors in particular are the portrayal of what a monitor system should be. To me, monitoring is everything, and I am thoroughly delighted every time I sit down in the sweet spot, to know that I finally have this powerful tool at my disposal. Throughout the entire process, Carl was always there, and endlessly giving of his time and detailed advice whenever I reached out. I think the final result paid out beyond either of our expectations. Thank you, Sir – you’re one of the good ones.”

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Photo caption 1: Lead PhantomFocus Installation Engineer Adam David Smith and PhantomFocus creator Carl Tatz sitting on a pair of PhantomFocus Raven Chrome eChairs™ in front of a Dual PhantomFocus™ System featuring the PFM HD-1000 Monitors and a pair of vintage Dynaudio C4s

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About Carl Tatz Design®
Carl Tatz Design® (CTD) is an award-winning studio design firm offering design and consulting services to homeowners and entertainment industry professionals in areas of: Recording Studios, Monitor Systems, Home Screening Rooms, Dedicated Listening Rooms, Acoustic Analysis, Tuning, and Sound Isolation. Carl Tatz is also the inventor of the industry acclaimed proprietary PhantomFocus™ Monitor System (PFMS™). CTD’s many resources combine knowledge, experience and expertise in sound, picture and design to serve its clients worldwide. For more information, visit
About the PhantomFocus™ Monitor System 
Carl Tatz Design’s proprietary PhantomFocus™ Monitor System monitor tuning protocol offers clients a unique opportunity to have a truly world-class monitoring experience in their room, no matter how modest. All speakers interact with the room they’re in, and the PhantomFocus Monitor System allows any monitors to perform at maximum accuracy – in any room – with a full 20Hz-to-20KHz frequency response and pinpoint imaging in what some owners have described as a “holographic sweet spot.” It is a new level of sonic accuracy that engenders easier, better and faster mixing that translates well in any environment.
There are approximately fifty steps in the proprietary PhantomFocus Monitor System implementation protocol, including phase alignment, system damping, speaker decoupling and isolation mounting, careful assessment of engineer/speaker placement relative to primary axial room modes, proprietary laser-calibrated speaker distancing and angle alignments, digitally-controlled crossover points and slopes for pass filtering, and, proprietary, multiband parametric equalization.
Hardware solutions can include monitor stands, concrete, Sorbothane™ and other isolation and damping materials, custom floating plenum mounts, subwoofer systems and custom digital processors. The PhantomFocus Monitor System evaluation and implementation is a full two-day process and can be applied to near-fields, mid-fields, and large soffit mounted monitors, regardless of manufacturer.
Carl Tatz Design installs the PhantomFocus Monitor System in existing control rooms and in all studios that are designed and built from the ground up by CTD. The result is like the aural equivalent of HDTV. Once you experience a PhantomFocus Monitor System, you can’t go back.

About the Carl Tatz Signature Series™ by Auralex® 
The Carl Tatz Signature Series™ by Auralex® family of control room acoustic modules (now featured in a dedicated section on the Auralex website), emulates the look and acoustics of Carl Tatz's custom designs at a fraction of the cost.
When paired with the acclaimed PhantomFocus Monitor System, it becomes the PhantomFocus MixRoom™, the sonic performance of which is unrivaled anywhere, defining a new standard for the audio professional. The Phantom Focus MixRoom can quickly and affordably transform a simple rectangular room into a world-class mixing environment without peer. 

For more information about Carl Tatz Design LLC and the PhantomFocus™ Monitor System, please contact Carl Tatz Design, 6666 Brookmont Terrace, Suite #1109, Nashville, TN 37205 Office: 615.354.6242, Direct: 615.400.5479 





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