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AES Announces Results of 2018 Board of Governors Election

New York, NY, September 13, 2018 — The Audio Engineering Society has announced the results of its 2018 Board of Governors elections. The Society’s membership has elected Agnieszka Roginska as President-Elect and re-elected Valerie Tyler as Secretary. Additionally, Per Sjösten has been re-elected as Vice President Northern Region, Europe; Gary Gottlieb will join the Board of Governors as Vice President Eastern Region, US & Canada; and Alex Kosiorek will join the Board as Vice President Western Region, US & Canada. Newly elected Governors are Leslie Gaston-Bird (who is completing her term as Vice President, Western Region, USA/Canada), Jessica Livingston and Piper Payne. Per a bylaws amendment passed in the 2018 elections, the terms of office of Board of Governors members will begin on January 1, 2019. Save for the President-Elect, each of the newly elected officers will join the Board of Governors for a two-year term.

The Society’s Executive Committee is composed of the President-Elect, President, immediate Past President, Treasurer and Secretary. As President-Elect, Roginska will begin the first of three years on the Board of Governors’ Executive Committee in 2019, followed by two years as Governor. Current President-Elect Nadja Wallaszkovits will transition to a one-year term as President in 2019, and current President David Scheirman will remain on the Executive Committee as immediate Past President for the coming year. Current Past President Alex Case will transition to Governor for the first of two years. Treasurer-Elect Richard Wollrich will become Treasurer in 2019 as current Treasurer Garry Margolis ends his final-of-five consecutive terms.

Gottlieb will take over as Vice President, Eastern Region USA/Canada, from current Vice President Anthony Schultz, who is completing two consecutive terms in the position. Kosiorek will replace current Vice President Gaston-Bird in the Western Region, USA/Canada. As Sjösten begins his second term, regional Vice Presidents continuing into the second year of offset terms are Thomas Görne – Vice President, Central Region, Europe; Cesar Lamschtein – Vice President, Latin American Region; Ufuk Önen – Vice President, Southern Europe/Middle East/Africa Region; Mike Porter – Vice President, Central Region, USA/Canada; and Shusen Wang – Vice President, Asia-Pacific Region.

Gaston-Bird, Livingston and Payne will replace outgoing Governors Jim Anderson, Masataka Nakahara and Agnieszka Roginska. Current Governors Martha de Francisco, Kyle P. Snyder and Jonathan Wyner enter the final year of their two-year terms. Governor (and Past President, twice removed) Andres Mayo will complete his five-year commitment to the Board of Governors, while Governor (and Past President once removed) John Krivit will begin his final year as Governor.

“On behalf of the Society,” says President Scheirman, “we thank all of the highly-qualified candidates on the 2018 ballot for their willingness to serve, and congratulate those elected.”

The bylaws amendment adjusting the start of Board of Governors members’ terms of office to January 1 of the year following their election was crafted to align terms of office with the AES’s fiscal year. A second amendment to the bylaws was also ratified. That amendment specifies that Members in good standing requesting Life Member status upon reaching age 65 or older after 25 years of AES membership must have been in the Member class of membership for at least the final five years prior to their request.

The election was monitored and the results presented by Christopher Freitag, who, as Chair of the AES’s Board of Tellers, now the Tellers Committee, will step down after 22 consecutive years of faithfully overseeing the Society’s elections. Gary Louie will take over from Freitag after the New York convention.

The 2019 Audio Engineering Society Board of Governors:

  1. Nadja Wallaszkovits: President
  2. David W. Scheirman: Past President
  3. Agnieszka Roginska: President-Elect
  4. Valerie Tyler: Secretary
  5. Richard Wollrich: Treasurer
  6. Thomas Görne: Vice President, Central Region, Europe
  7. Gary Gottlieb: Vice President, Eastern Region, USA/Canada
  8. Alex Kosiorek: Vice President, Western Region, USA/Canada
  9. Cesar Lamschtein: Vice President, Latin American Region
  10. Mike Porter: Vice President, Central Region, USA/Canada
  11. Per Sjösten: Vice President, Northern Region, Europe
  12. Ufuk Önen: Vice President, Southern Europe/Middle East/Africa Region
  13. Shusen Wang: Vice President, Asia-Pacific Region
  14. Alex U. Case: Governor
  15. Martha de Francisco: Governor
  16. Leslie Gaston-Bird: Governor  
  17. John Krivit: Governor
  18. Jessica Livingston: Governor
  19. Piper Payne: Governor
  20. Kyle P. Snyder: Governor  
  21. Jonathan Wyner: Governor  

Audio Engineering Society 2018 Election Results

President Elect: Agnieszka Roginska
Secretary: Valerie Tyler
Vice President Eastern Region, US & Canada: Gary Gottlieb
Vice President Western Region, US & Canada: Alex Kosiorek
Vice President Northern Region, Europe: Per Sjösten           
Governor: Leslie Gaston-Bird
Jessica Livingston
Piper Payne
2018 Bylaw Amendment 1 Passed                                             
2018 Bylaw Amendment 2: Passed

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Photo Caption: Upcoming AES President-Elect Agnieszka Roginska

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