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Registration is now open for the AES EDM Academy, taking place online, March 11

The AES is set to premiere its first-ever EDM Academy event on March 11, 2021. Shown clockwise: Alex Bartles, AES EDM Academy co-chair; Funk Cartel brothers Rory and Cam Cochrane; Dr. Rick Snoman, AES EDM Academy co-chair; Roska, artist/producer/DJ; and Stephan Mauer, Product Manager for Studio Monitoring at ADAM Audio.



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AES EDM Academy Schedule and Partner Announced

— First-ever AES EDM event brings expert industry educators, producers and artists to the spotlight, along with giveaway opportunities to win limited edition Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBB headphones —

New York, NY, March 8, 2021 — The AES EDM Academy, taking place March 11, is set to guide attendees through the artistry and techniques used by today’s hottest EDM artists and producers. As the first event of its kind hosted by the Audio Engineering Society, this day-long event brings together a variety of industry professionals on topical sessions designed to help attendees achieve maximum impact with their productions. Registration is just $20 for AES Members / $40 non-members, and all attendees will be entered for a chance to win limited-edition ATH-M50xBB Blue/Black headphones from AES EDM Academy event sponsor Audio-Technica.

“We are very excited to host the very first AES event dedicated to EDM music and culture,” said AES EDM Academy co-chair Alex Bartles. “Co-chair Rick Snoman and I have put together a program that will offer both practical and artistic value for our attendees and will showcase our artists, engineers and educators to the industry.”

AES EDM Academy Sessions:
10:00am EST – “The Most Important Tool in your Arsenal,” presented by Alex Bartles

11:00am EST – “Education to Industry as an Artist,” presented by the Funk Cartel brothers, Rory and Cam Cochrane

12:00 noon EST – “An Insight into Roska and the UK Funky Genre,” presented by Roska

1:00 pm EST – “Studio Monitoring 101,” presented by Stephan Mauer, head of product at ADAM Audio

2:00pm EST – “Do Your Kicks Punch?” presented by Dr. Rick Snoman

3:00pm EST - Encore Presentation: "Eurorack Applications in Electronic Dance Music Productions” - Originally streamed with live Q&A in the AES Show Fall 2020 online Convention

Presenter Bios:

Alex Bartles
Alex Bartles studied Electronic Music production under Rick Snoman, award-winning remixer and author of the Dance Music Manual, and over several years trained as a mix engineer, producer and trainer. During 2019, she contributed articles and a chapter to the latest edition of Rick’s book, alongside holding a number of talks at universities and colleges across the UK, training younger EDM producers. A qualified audiologist with 15+ years’ experience, she has worked with professional artists and musicians, specializing in tinnitus retraining therapy for music industry professionals. After taking an interest in the music production side of the industry, her career became more and more specialized toward engineering and technology, and specifically electronic music production.

Funk Cartel
The “Funk Cartel” is a duo consisting of brothers “Blame Rory” and “Kimono Cam,” known for their rave-ready flavors, bringing life and soul to the underground sound. Closer than their relationship as brothers is their relationship with the dance floor, way beyond their years in production skills, attributed to a close upbringing surrounded by good House music. The brothers believe that House has an ability to bring people together like no other style, and that their purpose is to share this message. They have a clear understanding of what works for the crowds, and this perfectly translates into their music and style. Their unique weave of deep rolling basslines, intricate keys, and clever energy-fueled percussion leaves a lasting impression on all who hear it and is a true breath of fresh air for the scene. Their sets are frequently stacked with their own distinctive productions and edits. A relentless work ethic in the studio helps forge their sound, which cannot be genre-labeled, as their music pushes forward in many directions. The formation of their own label THUNDR has not only showcased their own music but brought fresh talent to the forefront of the scene.

Working across UK Funky, House and various mutated strains of bass-heavy club music, Roska has earmarked himself as one of the UK’s most accomplished underground exponents, continuing his journey as a pioneer of the Funky House sound via his Roska Kicks & Snares (RKS) imprint. Presiding over 100 releases, RKS has welcomed the likes of MA1, Champion, Murder He Wrote and DJ POLO to the label since its inception in 2010 and has spent the last two years developing and mentoring later artists also including DJ MOTU and more in the fold. A renowned DJ to boot, Roska also helms the “Roska Presents” brand, which has seen him curate lineups across the UK for the last 6 years. He has been shifting to a worldwide DJ from being European-based for many years, playing over 20 different cities across the world, frequently touring Asia, Australasia and Americas. After a few years off radio, Roska returns to the airwaves (and online) with Reprezent every fourth Wednesday of each month, bringing guests from his label.

Stephan Mauer
Stephan Mauer lives and works at the junction of music, audio technology and the professional audio market, with a focus on acoustics. He received his Engineering Diploma at Technical University of Ilmenau, Germany, having worked on Flat Panel loudspeakers for his thesis. He works as an independent live and studio sound mixer, and since 2018, Mauer has also served as Product Manager for Studio Monitoring at ADAM Audio.

Dr. Rick Snoman
Rick Snoman is an award-winning producer, remixer, engineer and author. He runs Altar Recording Studios in the UK, the first and only boutique studio dedicated to electronic dance producers, regularly engineering music for a variety of electronic dance music labels including Sony BMG, Warner, Polydor and many others. Rick's ghost production work has earned millions of views on YouTube, and his work has accredited him as an iTunes-certified mastering engineer and an EMTAS certified tutor. With 30 years’ experience working in both private and commercial studios worldwide, he specializes in electronic dance music production. He has remixed for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue and Justin Timberlake, and has produced music under various monikers, including Phiadra, Aeon Soul and Red 5.

Visit AESShow.com/edm for AES EDM Academy registration, preliminary session information, presenter bios and more.

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Photo Caption 1: Registration is now open for the AES EDM Academy, taking place online, March 11

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Photo Caption 2: The AES is set to premiere its first-ever EDM Academy event on March 11, 2021. Shown clockwise: Alex Bartles, AES EDM Academy co-chair; Funk Cartel brothers Rory and Cam Cochrane; Dr. Rick Snoman, AES EDM Academy co-chair; Roska, artist/producer/DJ; and Stephan Mauer, Product Manager for Studio Monitoring at ADAM Audio.

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