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BOSS ES-5 Effects Switching System

BOSS ES-5 Effects Switching System

BOSS ES-5 Effects Switching System


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BOSS Announces ES-5 Effects Switching System

Advanced features in a compact size for smaller pedalboards

The NAMM Show, Anaheim, CA, January 19, 2016 — BOSS (Booth 300A, Level 3) is pleased to announce the ES-5 Effects Switching System, an advanced audio command center for pedalboards. Offering the essential features of the flagship ES-8 in a smaller size, the ES-5 is ideal for ready-made pedalboards and pro travel rigs. Equipped with five audio loops, extensive real-time control capabilities, MIDI and more, the ES-5 allows all guitarists and bassists to explore the benefits of BOSS’s powerful switching technology.

Professional touring players have used sophisticated effects switching systems for decades. These systems enable them to recall complex effects combinations at the touch of a button, and to easily control various effects parameters in real time. Most importantly, they’re designed to constantly maintain the cleanest tone by running the instrument signal through effects only when needed. With the ES-8 and ES-5, BOSS now puts these powerful capabilities within reach of all stompbox users.  

Like the ES-8 that it’s based on, the ES-5 represents a major leap out of the box from standard effects switchers, offering unprecedented capability without sacrificing sound quality. The audio path has been developed for pure signal transfer to preserve tone, and the integrated switches provide robust, reliable performance show after show. In addition, the ES-5 offers an impressive range of control features that go far beyond typical pedalboard switching systems.

With its compact size, the ES-5 is perfect for players who want power and creative flexibility without committing to a large, complicated pedalboard setup. An easy fit on many off-the-shelf pedalboards, the ES-5 offers a massive boost in programmable control over simpler loop switchers that occupy a similar footprint.

The on/off state and connection order of the ES-5’s audio loops can be stored in 200 patch memories for instant recall. Input and output buffers can be switched on/off as needed per patch as well. External control outputs are available for switching amp channels, sending tap tempo information, and more, while an expression pedal or two footswitches can be connected for further real-time control. In addition, the ES-5 features powerful MIDI capabilities for integrating with MIDI-controlled stomp effects like the BOSS DD-500 Digital Delay and many others.   

To learn more about the ES-5 Effects Switching System, visit www.bossus.com/products/es-5/.


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Photo caption 1: BOSS ES-5 Effects Switching System

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Photo caption 2: BOSS ES-5 Effects Switching System

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Photo caption 3: BOSS ES-5 Effects Switching System

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