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Auralex® Carl Tatz Signature Series Control Room Kits™

Auralex® Carl Tatz Signature Series Control Room Kit™ 1 Rendering

Auralex® Carl Tatz Signature Series Control Room Kit™ 2 Rendering





Auralex® Introduces Carl Tatz Signature Series Control Room Kits™

— Elevating a control room’s sonic accuracy and appearance, these integrated systems of top-of-the-line sound control products put the expertise of this award-winning studio designer within the grasp of any personal or commercial control room —

THE NAMM SHOW, Anaheim, CA, January 22, 2015 – Auralex® Acoustics, Inc. (booth 6964), the world’s leading brand of acoustical treatments, introduces the Carl Tatz Signature Series Control Room Kits™, intended to elevate a control room’s sonic accuracy and appearance. Designed in conjunction with Carl Tatz, the TEC Award-Winning studio designer, GRAMMY®-nominee and creator of the acclaimed PhantomFocus™ System studio monitor tuning protocol, the Carl Tatz Signature Series Control Room Kit by Auralex is an integrated system of top-of-the-line sound control products designed specifically for high-end personal or commercial control rooms.

Tatz and Auralex’s R&D department co-developed the series, which combines Tatz’s expertise with Auralex’s well-established manufacturing and distribution chains to bring this new line to the masses. Tatz, a Nashville, Tennessee-based acoustician and former commercial recording studio owner (Recording Arts) who received a GRAMMY nomination for his production of Jack Jones’ Tribute to Tony Bennett LP, is a renowned figure in the audio industry with extensive experience in studio design and acoustics.

Combining the high-quality products Auralex is famous for with the experience of this legendary designer, Auralex has developed a complementary series of products that can turn any room into a professional-looking and sounding environment. These preconfigured room treatment systems are available in two standard fabric choices, sandstone or obsidian, but users can also choose from an additional 30 fabric options at a nominal cost, to complement any decor or to create a completely unique look.

Auralex’s Carl Tatz Signature Series™ Products Include:

  • CTD Triangle Corner Trap™: 2’ x 2” CTD Triangle ProPanels™ with beveled edges and proprietary mounting hardware are used to bridge across the ceiling/wall corners of the room to provide low-frequency control, complementing the Acoustic Lens™ and achieving a harmonized aesthetic with the system’s panel design.
  • CTD Attenuation Cloud™: Consists of 3 or more 2’ x 6’ x 2” decorative, fabric-wrapped Class A absorptive fiberglass CTD ProPanels™ mounted together. The Cloud is specifically designed to hang over the mix position for an improved soundstage and can be configured in 6’ x 6’ and 8’ x 6’ depending upon room size and application.
  • CTD Acoustic Lens™: Designed for side-wall applications, the 5’ x 4” x 8” or 5’ x 2” x 8” lens columns feature both absorptive and redirective facets that provide low- and mid-band frequency absorption, enhancing aural spatiality while controlling reflections to the right and left sides of the mix position.
  • CTD Corner Trap™: 2’ x 4’ x 2” CTD ProPanels™ with beveled edges and proprietary mounting hardware are used to bridge across the corners of the room to provide low-frequency control. Horizontal and vertical versions available.
  • CTD Soffit Panel™: This 2’ x 4’ x 2” fabric-wrapped Class A absorptive fiberglass panel is highly effective at controlling critical mid and high-band frequencies, but with optional mounting methodology also offers increased low-frequency control. Useful for both walls and ceilings.
  • CTD Rear Wall ProPanel™: This extra-thick 2’ x 4’ x 4” panel is installed on the rear wall to improve low-frequency absorption throughout the room and to control front-to-back axial mode anomalies that would otherwise degrade accuracy at the mix position.

“We’re honored to work with Carl Tatz, one of the top studio designers in the industry, on this exciting new Auralex offering,” says Eric Smith, Founder and President of Auralex Acoustics. “These proprietary top-shelf treatment systems bring Carl Tatz’s unique signature style within reach of anyone serious about upgrading their room’s appearance and performance. Now virtually any room can benefit from the same aesthetic and sound control enjoyed by top hitmakers.”

For more information on the Auralex Carl Tatz Signature Series kits, please visit http://www.auralex.com/product/carl-tatz-signature-series-control-room-kits/. For more information on Auralex’s entire range of acoustical solutions, please visit www.auralex.com.

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About Auralex® Acoustics, Inc.
Located in Indianapolis, Auralex® Acoustics was founded in 1977 with a mission to provide top-performing acoustical treatment products at the best possible value. Since then, thousands of satisfied Auralex customers have experienced improved acoustics, expert advice and exceptional customer service. Auralex products enjoy widespread use among prominent artists, producers, engineers, corporations, celebrities and government agencies worldwide.

Auralex Acoustics has become the industry leader in innovative sound control solutions and continues to enjoy rapid growth through an international network of authorized dealers. Visit the Auralex Web site at www.auralex.com. Auralex can be reached via email at auralexinfo@auralex.com or by calling 1-800-959-3343.

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